27th July 2020

Visitor Code

Our Visiting Policy

• Grennell Lodge will only re-open to visitors when it is fully satisfied that it is safe to do so. We will use a risk assessment, review our Service User visitor care plans and have a Visitor Code, which must be agreed before the visit
• Protecting the people who live and work at Grennell Lodge is critical. We will refuse entry to Grennell Lodge to anyone who has symptoms or who has been in contact with someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
• The decision to open to visitors at Grennell Lodge is made in agreement with the Senior Management at Care Unlimited, the Public Health England Health Protection Team and the Clinical Commissioning Group. This decision is based on a risk assessment, the transmission of the virus within the community and within the home
• In the event of any suspected or actual outbreak of COVID-19, or a suspected or known case of COVID-19 within Grennell Lodge, visitor restrictions may need to be immediately implemented which suspend some of these ways of re-opening Grennell Lodge safely. It may include the exclusion of any non–essential visitors. This will be implemented in a transparent manner with open and clear communication to Service Users and relevant family members. We will not take this decision without carefully considering the impact on Service Users, their families and friends
• Grennell Lodge will review frequently how it enables visits in person to the home as COVID-19 risks change within the local community

Responsibilities of Grennell Lodge

• We are responsible for ensuring that we support our Service Users to meet with family and friends if they wish and that staff have the ability to support this. This support includes having written policies and procedures so that all staff understand what they need to do
• We will identify other ways to connect with friends and family when face-to-face visits are not possible. We will use technology such as video conference or telephone calls to compensate for limited visits
• We will ensure that we are open and transparent and we will keep family members informed about their own relative’s COVID-19 status (suspected or confirmed) where their relative has provided consent or a best interest decision has been made
• Where the Service User has an appointed power of attorney, relevant person’s representative or another formal role, they will be informed of any changes in health including COVID-19
• We will provide timely and regular updates to Service Users and their nominated individuals on the impact of COVID-19 in Grennell Lodge and on visiting
• If we have an outbreak of COVID-19 in the home, we will inform Service Users and will support them to communicate this to relatives and friends where required

Service User Rights

• You have a right to have visitors into the home in accordance with the Visiting Policy and Procedure
• You have a right to have access to timely and regular updated information about the risks of COVID -19 in Grennell Lodge including any outbreaks. We will not, however, disclose the names of individuals
• You have a right to maintain contact with your local community outside Grennell Lodge, including to participate in religious and cultural gatherings. We will support you to do this via alternate means such as online or on the phone
• You have a right to be provided with additional ways to connect such as video conference or telephone calls, in addition to a limited number of in-person visits
• You have a right to transfer to other accommodation or an alternate care home, following discussions with other health professionals and an assessment of needs
• You have a right to make a complaint, comment or suggestion using our complaints procedure if you are not satisfied

Visitor Responsibilities

We request that you follow this Visitor Code and that you:
• Do not visit when you are unwell or displaying any signs of a cold/flu, respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms
• Respond truthfully to COVID-19 screening questions asked by staff at Grennell Lodge (Visitor COVID-19 Questionnaire)
• Agree to temperature checks before coming into Grennell Lodge where required
• Treat all staff with respect and courtesy and follow their instructions
• Contact Grennell Lodge before visiting, to agree a mutually convenient time
• Follow social distancing requirements as well as infection and prevention control measures such as washing hands, use of visiting windows or visiting in designated areas as directed by staff
• Do not bring children under 16 on visits
• Avoid travelling to Grennell Lodge on public transport wherever possible
• Deliver gifts and other items to the Service User as long as they can be wiped or washed before the Service User receives them
• Wear a face covering
• Respect the request that where there is a large family, visiting is restricted to one family member being nominated to visit to limit the number of contacts